She Wants to Be Free


She wants to be free of taking pills. She wants to be free of receiving shots that only God knows what is really doing to her body. She wants to be free of the vain imaginations that run through her mind of ‘what people would say?’ if they knew what she was really hiding. She wants to be free of the hot wigs and gels.

Why does she do this to herself day in and day out??? One word: HAIR. You see, she has alopecia, an autoimmune disease, where her body’s immune system mistakenly attacks her hair follicles. In laymen’s term, she is allergic to her hair and is losing or has lost her hair. She is BALD.

For years, she, like many other women, viewed her hair as part of her identity. She believed that her hair made her attractive and gave her a youthful look. She struggled with her identity as a woman because of her lack of hair. After finally coming to grips with the fact that she is more than just her hair, she met with other women who had accepted the fact that with alopecia – it is what is it. They decided that they would not let it define them as women. Alopecia would no longer make them run and hide.

With this new found confidence, she made the decision to truly be free. She sets an appointment to get what little hair she had left cut off. She is determined to embrace her new journey with poise and grace. When she gets off the phone with the barber, she is smiling deep within her soul. She is confident that the barber will complete what she feels will be her much needed butterfly transition, thus freeing her.

However, a few seconds later, she pauses in her tracks. Panic grips her and she begins to gasp for air.  In all her excitement, she realizes one thing she didn’t consider. Will HE free her?

 Visit my blog, next week, for part 2.

To learn more about making your hair/life transition, you must pick up a copy of Butterfly Transition by author Diana R. Ramsey. I can personally say, this book touched my wife, who is bald.


Butterfly Transition, Diana R. Ramsey


26 thoughts on “She Wants to Be Free

  1. As a person with many and severe allergies to a number of, both that my body should and shouldn’t reject, a great fear was that someday alopecia would be a reality. It hasn’t happened yet, but thank you for sharing the other side of the story from an supportive husband. It is needed.

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  2. mimicutelips

    Yes, Don! As little girls we are taught that our hair is our crown and glory. A lot of them define their beauty by the follicles that grow out of their scalp. The Butterfly Transition touched me beyond my hair and changed my mindset. It allowed me to free myself from something that held me down for 36 years.

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