Puzzle Pieces


I was once asked, “What do you do when you have grown apart from your significant other?” Hmmm….that’s a good question. What do you do when your relationship has hit the ground and has scattered into what appears to be a thousand puzzle pieces?

Do you pretend like nothing has happened and continue to go along to get along? Do you rush to get the glue (love) to put it back together again, only to find that the bottle is empty? Do you shut down when you are at a loss for words because you feel he/she is not listening? Do you remain silent when you have grown weary of having the same conversations that seem to have resolved nothing? He cares about you and you care about him but outside of that, neither of you really cares anymore.


Growing apart from the person you have spent what seems to be most of your life with is like slowly dying. It’s painful, scary and unexpected. Relationships are like puzzles. The longer you have been with someone, the more pieces you have to the puzzle. In life, these additional pieces could be a new home, more children, a job promotion and continuing education, to name a few.

When you have many pieces, it requires more of your time, more of your thoughts, and attention to detail. When working on a puzzle, you have to be intentional with every piece. Care must be taken when putting the puzzle together so each piece fits perfectly. To prevent your relationship from growing apart, get back to the basics.

Some of these basics are:

  • Spending quality time together.
  • A text message just to say ‘you’re on my mind.’
  • Saying thank you for even the smallest of things.
  • Purposely going out of your way to do something nice.
  • Keep your relationship a priority.

Remember it’s still the same puzzle or in this case, a relationship it just requires more of your time and energy to make it work.



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