I’m Cleaning Out My Closet


I was going to wait until Jan. 1, 2017 to give you this nugget. I want all of us to go into the New Year with our closets empty and ready to fill them with new and exciting people. Now, I know by saying people, you may be a little confused.

I am talking about cleaning your closet of mind-numbing, time stealing, always criticizing you but not doing anything type of people. You know the kind of people you make the mistake of sharing your dream or vision with and their response is ” why you want to do that?” or ” I thought that was just a hobby”. The craziest one I have heard yet is “When are you going to work a real job?”. This is because they don’t understand building your business and your brand is a job. I want you to put those folk in a figurative big green trash bag.img_4008

The next group of people we are taking out of our closet is those family members that feel you are stuck up and acting brand-new. This will be hard for many of you because it was hard for me initially. They feel this way because you no longer conform to those age old sayings of “well that just runs in our family” or “no one in our family ever……”.

The truth of the matter is your change and your success has made them uncomfortable. They don’t understand the way you think or talk and that your faith has given you the courage to jump into a world full of possibilities. Instead of rejoicing with you, they talk about you. Unless you call them or they need something like money, you don’t hear from cousin Pookie. Other folks who sometimes act this way are your childhood friends you have known since the 1st grade or close friends who you consider family. You know, the ones so close your kids call them auntie or uncle.

It’s okay; breathe! It’s a lot to digest but who said cleaning out your closet would be easy.

Now the fun part, filling your closet with people who understand you and add value to your life. It should be mutual and they should feel that you add value to their lives.  They should give you constructive feedback to help you improve your situation and breathe life into your visions. These individuals will remind you that your failures are merely data collection and push you to keep grinding until you see your desired results. They are people who will listen to your ideas and not ask, ‘why?’ but instead say ‘why not?’

I am not being cold; I’m being clear. 2017 is quickly moving in on us. We have to be ready. We can no longer give our time and attention to people and things that don’t prosper us mentally, spiritually or financially. The hard truth is that the closet people are not buying your books, attending your webinars, supporting your events or providing a simple word of encouragement. Don’t feel bad about moving on from these folks. Join me today and start cleaning out your closet.